The Student Web Service (SWS) provides you and alumni of the University of Toronto with direct access to certain portions of your University records on ROSI, the Repository of Student Information. To gain access, you need a valid student number and a valid Personal Identification Number (PIN).


ROSI, the Repository of Student Information, contains data relating to your admission and academic performance at the University of Toronto.

If you are a current student, you can add and drop courses, vote in student elections, order transcripts, update addresses, etc. Some services, such as course enrolment and elections, are available only during periods specified by relevant faculties or organizations. Alumni can order transcripts.

Responsible Use of SWS

You are expected to be responsible when using the Student Web Service. You should not attempt to flood the system with requests, or to automate the process of course enrolment. Such activity may clog the system so that other students may be denied access or experience degraded performance. If you attempt such activity, you may be denied access to the SWS until after the relevant registration period.