First Time Users

First Session

To log into the Student Web Service (SWS), you need to enter your Student Number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). For your initial session, your PIN is based on your date of birth and is in the format YYMMDD. For example, if your birth date is April 17, 1982, your initial PIN would be 820417.

You will be required to change your initial PIN during your first session. On subsequent visits to the SWS, you would enter your most recent PIN that you have assigned yourself.

The combination of your Student Number and PIN serves as your electronic signature and conveys your approval of transactions that are executed during each session; therefore, you should treat these two numbers as carefully as your bank card numbers

PIN Reactivation

Take the time to set yourself up for PIN Reactivation so that if you forget your PIN sometime in the future you can use this procedure to get yourself into the SWS without going to your Registrar's Office. To do this, click "Maintain Your PIN" on the left sidebar of the SWS Home page after you log into the SWS. You will be asked to select three questions from a list and then to enter the answers.

In the event that you forget your PIN, you will be asked some of the questions, and if your answers match, you will be allowed to log into the Student Web Service.